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7 Imaginative Ways IT Teams Are Assisting Businesses With the COVID-19 Crisis

by | May 1, 2020

In this brand-new routine of the COVID-19 pandemic, an extra space is a workplace, a handshake is a hazard, and a complete rack of bathroom tissue at the supermarket is absolutely nothing except a wonder. In these uncommon times, IT groups are stepping up and stepping outside their task description to assist their users to adjust to the evolving landscape in which we work and live. 

Here are some stories to make you happy to be in IT: 

1. Making remote work possible immediately.

As work environments rushed to get ready for shelter-in-place or other lockdown orders, IT groups have actually managed some quite monumental tasks to set their users up for remote tasks in a matter of days.

An MSP on a COVID-19 assistance Facebook group informed of the burden of getting a regional school system all set for range ed:

“I needed to run 1600+ kids through the computer system space today to ensure they all had working e-mails so they could study when the schools closed down. They chose to close the school a day earlier. I managed to get the final students through at 15 minutes past completion of the school day.”

Merely listening to that is stressful. Getting people set up for remote work is simply the start.

2. Now you have a brand-new difficulty to conquer.

Finding out how to support a whole labor force utilizing brand-new tools and non-standardized devices on personal networks. In the words of one sysadmin, this totals up to “a billion calls about how to utilize VPN and go to a remote desktop.”

IT pros are addressing with training and assistance to assist users to browse the bumps in the roadway en route to remote work and it’s not going undetected.

One MSP on Reddit stated a story about assisting a customer with a problematic concern:

“The user has actually been dealing with a persistent Quickbooks problem for two weeks, and usually it would not be a big thing, however on top of whatever else they’re facing, it’s been simply icing on an extremely lousy cake for her since it’s impacting her workflow drastically. If it was possible to hug somebody over the phone, I believe she would have done it. It was one of a couple of great things to occur to her this week.”

3. Training business on remote work culture.

Supporting the shift to remote work from residence isn’t just about tools and software applications. IT leaders are going outside their regular routine. They are being required to assist the business to discover the soft abilities of remote work, too: how to interact, preserve spirits, and link as a group despite the physical range.

As Travis Grundke, Operations Supervisor at Ashton Innovation Solutions discusses on the Frankly MSP podcast:

Another MSP, MNJ Technologies, has actually presented numerous endeavors like virtual trivia nights and coloring contests to preserve business culture on their squad and assist their customers in doing the exact same. In addition to technical assistance, their techs now share the finest practices for utilizing remote tools to improve group spirits.

“From the customer perspective, one of the locations where we can most likely assist them more is by … assisting individuals with the interactions internally and impressing upon individuals the significance of clear, fundamental interactions in times of crisis. From a technical perspective, we’re brought in to streamline environments that have actually been unnecessarily over complex or workflows that do not work. Let’s streamline and clarify the interaction that takes location throughout a crisis, or is there a method that we can assist and refine that interaction so that it ends up being a little bit less complicated?”

4. Assisting companies to browse the unknowns of COVID-19.

There’s no playbook for companies to endure this pandemic. Everyone is thinking it out as they go along, and IT groups are right at the center of it– offering assistance and resolving issues as they develop.

His retail, dining establishment, and hospitality customers are unexpectedly dealing with an existential hazard due to COVID-19 shutdowns. Chris is sharing action-oriented and appropriate guidance on LinkedIn to assist customers in adjusting their service designs and gain access to relief– from ideas for effective to-go alcohol sales to info on the CARES Act. His group has actually likewise extended totally free consulting hours to customers. They also host a regular online meetup for foodservice experts to talk about the rapidly altering guidelines and policies, share what’s working for others, and keep spirits high.

These efforts assist small companies in taking advantage of a wealth of understanding and resources from throughout his broad customer base while showing the Flyte group to be an essential partner– through great times and bad.

Internal IT supervisors, too, are taking a management function in assisting their organization in traversing the difficulties of COVID-19. As CIO Dive reports, “CIOs today are crisis management leaders.” Executives are depending upon them to assist the business to react to the quickly developing circumstance.

Chris Rumpf and his group at Flyte are an excellent example of how IT pros can reveal management and offer worth to customers beyond the merely technical domain.

5. Offering time and competence in the regional neighborhood.

You’re most likely developed into being the informal tech assistance for your friends and family. Numerous IT pros are making this an action even more by offering their abilities to assist regional companies in enduring the turmoil brought about by the pandemic.

Some have actually broken in to assist their churches set up live streaming or telephone-broadcast preachings, so churchgoers can still listen to services. Others have actually contributed their time to support dining establishments and other small companies established sites, POS systems, and online purchasing to keep their company afloat.

6. Utilizing downtime to upskill.

With on-site work and IT investing in time out, you might be discovering your ticket lines emptier and your phone lines quieter than regular. One channel pro had the following direction for employees in this scenario:

” Utilize the peaceful time to clear up the troubled tasks that haven’t been touched in a while. Overtake reading associated with future-proofing profession or life enhancement. Take complimentary online courses to keep the mind active.”

This Reddit thread recommends IT pros are taking those recommendations to heart, with lots of people chiming in with their preferred training resources. We have actually seen the proof ourselves, with an uptick in the variety of individuals updating their network management abilities and ending up being Auvik Licensed today.

7. Discover imaginative alternatives to hardware deficiencies.

As you are most likely painfully conscious, the supply chain is suffering thanks to abrupt spikes in products mixed with the effect of COVID-19 on China’s production market.

One MSP on Facebook shared his homemade UV-C sanitation cabinet. They have actually been utilizing it to tidy laptop computers so they can securely deal with them.

Everybody in the tech sector has actually been having a hard time getting their hands on the equipment they require resulting in some fascinating workarounds.

MSPs on Reddit talked about methods to allow video conferencing provided the present scarcity of webcams. One commenter stated: “I simply lent my individual webcam to an actually excellent customer today who required one for Zoom conferences” the contemporary meaning of providing somebody the t-shirt off your back!