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Begin With The End In Mind

Steven Covey says it best in 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: “Begin with the end in mind.” The very same concept applies to data back-up and disaster recovery. You need to back up your information as if you will one day need to recover it.

During today’s always-on environment, any downtime intolerable for almost all organizations. Similarly, a short interruption can damage a track record, drive consumers toward your competitors, or monetarily paralyze an entire business. As compliance and data retention demands become progressively rigorous, companies need to work to make sure successful back-up and recovery strategies are in place.

Data Recovery When You Need It

Back-ups should be concentrated on restoring data and any associated systems as swiftly as possible. The objective is to reduce downtime and lost productivity as much as possible. We back-up all of your systems and have off-site back-ups ready at a second’s notice to make sure no event, whether natural or man-made, will cause any data loss to your business. We make sure that your data is continuously ready and accessible instantly when it is needed.

Direct-To-Cloud Backup Solution

With direct-to-cloud back-ups, you send your data straight to the cloud, avoiding the requirement for a local device. In this situation, you’re backing up your information in a remote data center without a local copy in your office. Relying on your internet speeds and specifications of your equipment, this type of back-up might take more time to complete. Direct-to-cloud back-ups might make good sense for SaaS information since you’re effectively doing a back-up of information that presently resides in the cloud!

Hybrid Cloud Backup Solution

With a hybrid cloud back-up solution, you’re primarily backing up your data to a local storage device and in a reliable off-site data facility for redundancy. You continuously have a dependable local duplicate of your information, but you also have it stowed off-site. Your systems are backed up to the local storage device first, so you do not have to worry regarding the duplication to the cloud affecting the performance of local systems or your Internet speed. The ideal technique, in this case, would be to back-up from the local storage device to a secure off-site data center, automatically, after company hours.

You Can Not Test Enough

The only and best way to guarantee your data is safe from a cyber or ransomware attack is to back it up and then test the recovery plan. Unfortunately, many businesses think they are backing up their files adequately only to find out that their back-ups did not take, are too cumbersome to restore, ultimately resulting in a significant loss of data. The worst time to discover that your back-ups have failed is when you need them the most. Therefore, it’s imperative to monitor and test your back-ups frequently as well as adhere to a regular back-up schedule.


Data is the lifeline of your company; we realize that data is the essence of your business. That’s why we offer back-up and recovery options to shield your critical information and the impact on your organization.

Citadel Networks Backup & Disaster Recovery service will protect your data immediately, in real-time, and store it safely on a robust local server or in the cloud. We will also ensure its accessibility promptly after a catastrophe with a well-defined, strategically prepared recovery plan.


Back-ups aid you in restoring your network no matter what transpires. If Not, you could lose vital data like client financial documents, product information, payroll data, mailing listings, or organizational plans. If a virus begins damaging your network, failure to recover your system from a clean back-up can leave you with network interruptions that cause extensive downtime, damaging consumer trust in the process.



Protecting Networks

We protect every part of your network with powerful anti-malware tools and advanced firewalls. We continually audit and monitor your systems, proactively scanning for threats and vulnerabilities and neutralizing them before they become a problem.

  • Firewall Management & Maintenance
  • Complete Network Monitoring
  • Local & Cloud Server Management
  • Endpoint Security and Management
  • Penetration and Vulnerability Testing
  • Scheduled Preventative Maintenance

Protecting Data

Without a proper backup strategy in place, you could be looking at a loss in productivity and a damaged business reputation. You need to get your company back on its feet fast after a data loss. You need a backup service you can truly rely on. 

  • Planning & Consolidation
  • Local & Cloud Backup
  • Cloud Continuity
  • Disaster Protection
  • Scheduled Testing of Backups
  • File Sharing


Protecting Business

Without a solid strategy for security, your company is vulnerable to threats both inside and out. We work with you to develop policies and systems that make sense for you while giving your employees the tools they need to work more efficiently.  

  • Password Management
  • Encryption
  • VPN Access
  • User Permissions
  • Antivirus & Security Patches
  • Employee Training

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