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Managed it
Every Organization Can Benefit From Managed IT

Our highly reactive team of Technology Guru’s will update and manage your systems to ensure your employees can work effectively and without interruption. With proactive management, securing your Information Technology networks, and watching your systems and applications 24 hours a day – 7 days a week, we can be a spark for optimizing your organization’s technology.

Managed and proactive IT services will give you the peace of mind that your network and data is secured and protected at all times. Citadel Networks will monitor your systems and applications 24 hours a day – 7 days a week, allowing you and your staff to concentrate on the growth and success of your business.

Hardware as a Service (HaaS) Is Cost Effective

HaaS is a solution comparable to an automobile leasing program, however, with computer and network equipment. With Hardware as a Service (or HaaS) and Citadel Networks as your IT provider, you can take the frustrations out of investing in, setting, and updating your mission-critical hardware.

If you’re like a lot of business proprietors, you buy new equipment and technology only when it is positively needed. It isn’t always very easy to come up with the initial investment called for to make sure your computer is up to date– but when you have Hardware as a Service (HAAS) you don’t have to! We make certain you have the most up to date technology, at all times, without the requirement for costly, upfront financial investments.

Remote Management & Monitoring Designed For Business

Remote management and monitoring(RMM), also referred to as network administration or remote monitoring software, is software created to assist and manage your organization remotely and to proactively keep track of client endpoints, networks, computer systems, and mobile phones.

Incorporating Citadel Networks’ remote monitoring solutions right into your organization framework will certainly help you reduce expenses and improve your technology productivity. These management and monitoring tools play a crucial purpose in preserving your organization’s workstations and networks, keeping those systems updated and protected, and can follow and solve issues remotely.

Safeguarding Your Organization E-mail

Citadel Networks supplies e-mail archiving, security, and continuity services. Safe and secure inbound and outbound e-mail defense tools created to help your organization remain in control. With collective threat intelligence, 24/7 e-mail continuity solutions, and long term e-mail archiving, Citadel Networks helps safeguard your organization versus arising email-borne hazards.

Making use of proprietary e-mail filtering technology and intelligent protection and filtering software, Citadel Networks’ e-mail protection and also archiving solutions enable the continual, “always-on” plan to keep your organization essential communications going.

Password Management Is Necessary

From identification theft to cyber crimes, attacks, and other types of cybercrime, it goes without saying how vital security and protection controls are today. Identity theft and cybercrimes have been known to mess up organizations all do to an absence of proper protection procedures

Citadel Networks’ password management aids handle risk, shorten incident resolution times, and aid your organization to meet compliance guidelines. Keep access in the hands of those that require it and far from those who don’t. Maintain efficiency by providing your employee’s a fast method to reset forgotten passwords for their business devices.

Ticketing & Remote Support At Your Fingertips

Citadel Networks supplies a practical and user-friendly interface that allows your employees to submit tickets, and review ticket status in real-time, bring about a faster and more effective issue solution.

With a very easy and straightforward to use application, Citadel Networks enhances the ability to send tickets, view ticket status and updates from any computer or smartphone in the workplace or on the move 24 hours a day – 7 days a week. We deliver rapid and trustworthy results, enabling you to conserve time and money by streamlining your organization’s IT support requirements.




As your IT company, Citadel Networks will show you how our Managed IT Services can help save your organization money and avoid damaging downtime. With 24 hours a day – 7 days a week technology support for a budget-friendly monthly fee, you can concentrate on what your company does best. When you deal with a Managed IT Services company, like Citadel Networks, both companies benefit.

Managed IT Services helps allocate and collaborate resources, boost user efficiency, and save infrastructure expenses. With Managed IT Services, you can scale your organization up or down according to your requirements without forgoing performance.





Running a company in the age of technology involves so much more than managing individuals. You need dependable solutions to your applications and also processes that keep you going. From e-mails to data solutions, we have your back. Allow our guru’s to aid you in keeping your business going day in and day out. Don’t let downtime kill your profits. Get back to work faster with Citadel Networks.



Protecting Networks

We protect every part of your network with powerful anti-malware tools and advanced firewalls. We continually audit and monitor your systems, proactively scanning for threats and vulnerabilities and neutralizing them before they become a problem.

  • Firewall Management & Maintenance
  • Complete Network Monitoring
  • Local & Cloud Server Management
  • Endpoint Security and Management
  • Penetration and Vulnerability Testing
  • Scheduled Preventative Maintenance

Protecting Data

Without a proper backup strategy in place, you could be looking at a loss in productivity and a damaged business reputation. You need to get your company back on its feet fast after a data loss. You need a backup service you can truly rely on. 

  • Planning & Consolidation
  • Local & Cloud Backup
  • Cloud Continuity
  • Disaster Protection
  • Scheduled Testing of Backups
  • File Sharing


Protecting Business

Without a solid strategy for security, your company is vulnerable to threats both inside and out. We work with you to develop policies and systems that make sense for you while giving your employees the tools they need to work more efficiently.  

  • Password Management
  • Encryption
  • VPN Access
  • User Permissions
  • Antivirus & Security Patches
  • Employee Training

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