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Outsourced Network Management For Growth & Success

Citadel Networks’ network management services support strategy, transform and enhance your network. We create custom-made solutions with your organization’ advancement in mind. Our trusted Technology Guru’s can not only develop, implement as well as continuous supply support for end-to-end networking solutions that position your organization or project for success.

With 24 hours a day – 7 days a week availability to networks being a crucial requirement in today’s business environment, suffering via prolonged network downtime is not something you can tolerate. Joining with Citadel Networks will deliver network management support and provide the know-how of trained IT specialists, without the cost of supporting permanent personnel.

Firewall Administration & Maintenance For Your Organization

An efficient method to network security should consist of a divided approach with properly placed firewalls. With optimized firewalls, your organization boosts its capacity to reject, interfere with, and weaken cyber attacks.

Citadel Networks risk intelligence regularly checks for susceptibilities. We maintain your network with one of the most efficient firewall capacities adding package filtering, network address translation, URL blocking, breach prevention, SSL inspection, deep-packet, and also application-level evaluation.

Comprehensive Router & Switch Administration

Software-based network assessment enables our control panel to examine your switches and routers. Citadel Networks’ integrated network device monitoring includes a thorough examination of hardware productivity, utilization, and wellbeing. This added layer of safety helps avoid exposure to unmanaged devices, such as personal devices that might endanger your network. When a warning appears, our team of Technology Guru’s gets to work, making sure your network remains linked and working the way it should.

Server & Application Monitoring

Citadel Networks monitors the status as well as the performance of custom applications along with standard applications. With 24 hours a day – 7 days a week monitoring, Citadel Networks will identify performance concerns and downtime to pinpoint any potential concerns in either physical or virtual environments.

Setting Off Events, Alerts & Escalations

Making use of network monitoring and performance alerts, Citadel Networks gets to the source of any type of issue quickly. With smart, topology-aware network updates, essential problems are taken care of with urgency 24 hours a day – 7 days a week.


When problems pop up on your network, answers can be challenging to come by. The circuit supplier faults the router maker. The router maker points the finger back at the circuit supplier. In the meantime, your organization is caught in the middle, at a full stop, with a downed network and unable to do business.

Our network solutions will rapidly address the issue. We proactively monitor your whole network and responds to warnings in real-time– recognizing the source of the problem and quickly resolving it. Our primary concern is ensuring your business is fully functional as quickly as feasibly possible.


Citadel Networks’ Network Management team includes network experts with all the necessary skills and knowledge to resolve your network’s troubles. When your network has a problem, we’ll provide you rapid attention and coordinate with all the professionals required to fix it efficiently, avoiding unneeded downtime.



Protecting Networks

We protect every part of your network with powerful anti-malware tools and advanced firewalls. We continually audit and monitor your systems, proactively scanning for threats and vulnerabilities and neutralizing them before they become a problem.

  • Firewall Management & Maintenance
  • Complete Network Monitoring
  • Local & Cloud Server Management
  • Endpoint Security and Management
  • Penetration and Vulnerability Testing
  • Scheduled Preventative Maintenance

Protecting Data

Without a proper backup strategy in place, you could be looking at a loss in productivity and a damaged business reputation. You need to get your company back on its feet fast after a data loss. You need a backup service you can truly rely on. 

  • Planning & Consolidation
  • Local & Cloud Backup
  • Cloud Continuity
  • Disaster Protection
  • Scheduled Testing of Backups
  • File Sharing


Protecting Business

Without a solid strategy for security, your company is vulnerable to threats both inside and out. We work with you to develop policies and systems that make sense for you while giving your employees the tools they need to work more efficiently.  

  • Password Management
  • Encryption
  • VPN Access
  • User Permissions
  • Antivirus & Security Patches
  • Employee Training

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