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Veteran Owned and Operated


Citadel Networks is a VETERAN-OWNED small business that specializes in IT support, Managed Services, Cyber Security, Cloud Computing, Data Protection, Business Continuity, and much more to businesses and organizations throughout the greater Portland/Beaverton/Hillsboro/Gresham area.


Our mission is to be a “PROACTIVE AND RESPONSIVE” IT partner, methodically resolving business problems with technology, to deliver small and medium sized businesses the best IT services, at reasonable, cost-effective prices. We are committed to giving our clients peace of mind in knowing that their systems are in the best hands, all the time. We are assisting our clients in harnessing the power and freedom that today’s technology provides us and allowing their business to be more agile, more efficient, and more profitable in today’s everchanging competitive world.


Our ownership team has spent over two decades working in the IT and network security industries. What we uncovered was that most business owners have neither the knowledge and capabilities to maintain and upgrade their desktops, servers, and networks. But we also found that many businesses don’t have a reliable and trustworthy provider to handle it for them. This undoubtedly puts small and medium sized businesses at a technology disadvantage compared with larger and more established organizations.

Numerous small and medium sized businesses did not necessarily have the experience, knowledge, or resources to implement technology to make them more efficient and profitable. If they did find a trustworthy IT partner, they were saddled with astronomical bills and rigid contracts, and they weren’t receiving the forward-thinking consulting and planning that provides real long-term value. We concluded that someone had to and could do better.


Citadel Networks practices what we preach. We run our organization the same way we recommend our consumers do. Our business likewise makes use of the cloud and its many benefits, particularly the flexibility it provides users.

Our company believes service is all about individual relationships, so our hiring methods for specialists is thorough. We only hire individuals who strive to surpass the average “outsourced IT individual” and who respect our customers and their ongoing success. Citadel Networks employees have the opportunity to work remotely and set flexible schedules, so they invest much less time traveling and more time helping clients.

Our staff members support our clients according to our “pod approach,” where dedicated teams of staff members are appointed to a small group of accounts. This guarantees that our technicians are familiar with the clients they are charged with sustaining and permits them to supply a more tailored service.

We are a client service-based organization that happens to offer IT Managed Services. We treat our customers with the highest level of professionalism, respect, and reliability. We believe in constant improvement, and our customers’ satisfaction surveys and remarks supply additional support that we are doing the correct thing.


LEADERSHIP – We give our customers the tools they need to succeed. We specialize in identifying what hardware and software are needed to improve a company’s day-to-day operations.

SUPPORT – We are here for you. There is nothing worse than having a technical issue right before an important deadline. We understand that and our goal is to ease your worries! We offer 24-hour help desk hotline and email address where you get step-by-step directions and guidance from an experienced technician.

COMMUNICATION – We understand that constant communication and fast response are the keys to better help our customers. Through regular and effective communication, we ensure that everyone is on the same page from the very start.

INNOVATE – We empower our employees to think outside the box and provide unique solutions for every problem.

RESPONSIVE – Support tickets are prioritized according to urgency. We strive to respond to all inquiries within the designated Service Level Agreement. We are constantly improving our levels of efficiency to better meet our customers’ expectations.

INTEGRITY – The Citadel Networks’ Managed Services team handles all jobs and responsibilities with the utmost level of integrity. We take proactive measures to meet our customers’ service-level requirements.


Excellent customer service starts with trusting your service provider. We aim to make sure your experience with Citadel Networks is a positive one. That is why we offer the High-Five Guarantee. It’s pretty simple, really. We think our products and services are fantastic, and we think you will too. However, if you are unhappy with or otherwise displeased with our products, services, level of support or anything else that may have inadvertently not gone the way it should’ve, we will make it right and give you the kind of service you will want to give us a high five for.

The thought of having an unhappy customer keeps us up at night. Seriously, we have enough things keeping us up at night, so

  • Call Us: 503.616.9225
  • Email Us: iamnothappy@citadelnet.works
  • Text Us: 5033028306

But please, let us know.

And in the end, if all else fails and there is just no rectifying whatever may have transpired and has come between us, we will show you how to fire us, let you out of your service agreement, and refund any and all service fees for the last 30 days. At your discretion, you may return any equipment purchased within the previous 30 days for a full refund.

Save Money

Stop tossing away time and money on an undependable IT guy! Citadel Networks can support your network and computers for a fraction of the cost of hiring one full-time employee. Further savings can be accomplished by utilizing cloud-based services and eliminating the need to purchase and maintain expensive hardware.


We are based in the U.S and provide IT services and IT solutions to businesses all over the country. We are not some random geek sitting in his mother’s basement. Our top tier engineering team has worked for many of the top tech companies. We have a thorough hiring procedure to ensure success for everyone.


Real Local Help

We respect the trust our customers have placed in us. No staying on hold for who knows how many minutes to speak with someone off-shore or having your call go straight to voicemail and only hoping that someone retrieves it quickly. When you call us, we pick up the phone with a friendly greeting, each and every time without fail.

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