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Cloud computing

Cloud Computing Is Here To Stay

Cloud applications and internet hosting can diminish your dependency on high-maintenance equipment and help you alleviate danger by making sure company continuity and regulatory compliance. Our team of Technology Guru’s can analyze your needs and help you select the appropriate Cloud-Based solutions for your organization.

At Citadel Networks, we will undoubtedly support you plan and implement successful changes to the right online or physical environment to assist your company’s technology network, data, and applications move quicker through cloud technology.

Data Discovery & Application Evaluation

Data discovery is the collection and evaluation of data from a variety of sources, consisting of software applications, to obtain understanding from concealed patterns and tendencies. It is the primary step in completely utilizing your information technology in making critical choices for your organization.

Via the discovery process, data is collected, incorporated, and evaluated in a series of actions. The goal is to make scattered and untidy information tidy, sensible, and straightforward. Citadel Networks provides this evaluation as a means to reduce your time investment, power, and capital to assist your organization’s aim and accomplish the IT advances your business desires.

The Significance Of A Cloud & Technology Strategy

For companies that fall under laws like HIPAA in the USA or similar laws in other countries, data archiving might be a compliance necessity. But even if your company isn’t obligated to meet complicated compliance laws, making use of cloud back-up archiving services is still a great idea.

Cloud storage back-up and archiving software will certainly preserve archives separately from physical devices. From full-image back-ups to the healing of crucial applications like Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, or data and folder level restoration, cloud back-up archiving is built to aid and safeguard servers, applications, workstations, and essential company information.

Cloud Migration Services Makes It Easy

Citadel Networks’ Technical Guru’s bring real attention and interest to your organization and will configure your web servers and technology in the cloud to enhance individual company and software program requirements.

We take an organized technique with clear-cut, transparent communication each stage of the way and stand by any defined timelines. We remove the pain points from undependable physical equipment, lower the threat of any downtime, and are readily available for your employees. Save time and cash on software infrastructure-related expenses with our cloud migration services.

Data Center Migration & The Cloud

Migrating IT systems and also your organization’s infrastructure to a personal or public cloud can be a challenging obstacle. At the same time, it gives a terrific chance to change, rethink, as well as improve a company’s IT design. With cloud computing, that design ends up being far more versatile than even the best-virtualized datacenter can offer.

At Citadel Networks, the most common planned drivers we consider behind moving a data center to the cloud include: lowering capital investment, reducing continuous cost, enhancing scalability and flexibility, enhancing time-to-market, and obtaining advancements in protection and compliance.

Understanding Virtualization

Virtualization is thought to be one of the most significant developments in computing. The opportunities that come with virtualization seem nearly unlimited. In its most fundamental purpose, virtualization gives us the ability to create a virtual version of our equipment.

Virtualization uses a software application to split the resources from one physical server into several separate virtual servers. This method maximizes the usage of your server memory, storage, and processing power, making it straightforward to allot these resources for new applications, in addition, to reallocate the resources for current ones. As opposed to having your company applications running on individual, underused servers, why not combine your servers into one highly-efficient server?


Cloud Computing is the means to provide workforces flexibility. It presents them with accessibility to your business’s software programs and data from any kind of device, through a single login, anywhere there’s a web connection. They’ll be able to function efficiently inside or outside the workplace while Citadel Networks manages all the upkeep and technical support.


It’s not merely large companies or businesses that can take advantage of Cloud Computing. Medium-sized and now small companies can also make the most of the valuable efficiency and reduce expenses options that the cloud offers.

Minimize prices, boost collaboration, work from anyplace, and get rid of the necessity to acquire excessively pricey software and hardware with Cloud Computing from Citadel Networks.



Protecting Networks

We protect every part of your network with powerful anti-malware tools and advanced firewalls. We continually audit and monitor your systems, proactively scanning for threats and vulnerabilities and neutralizing them before they become a problem.

  • Firewall Management & Maintenance
  • Complete Network Monitoring
  • Local & Cloud Server Management
  • Endpoint Security and Management
  • Penetration and Vulnerability Testing
  • Scheduled Preventative Maintenance

Protecting Data

Without a proper backup strategy in place, you could be looking at a loss in productivity and a damaged business reputation. You need to get your company back on its feet fast after a data loss. You need a backup service you can truly rely on. 

  • Planning & Consolidation
  • Local & Cloud Backup
  • Cloud Continuity
  • Disaster Protection
  • Scheduled Testing of Backups
  • File Sharing


Protecting Business

Without a solid strategy for security, your company is vulnerable to threats both inside and out. We work with you to develop policies and systems that make sense for you while giving your employees the tools they need to work more efficiently.  

  • Password Management
  • Encryption
  • VPN Access
  • User Permissions
  • Antivirus & Security Patches
  • Employee Training

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